5 Tips to Busy Day Backpacking (Feat. HighSierra)

My High Sierra Swerve Backpack <3
This summer was hectic as heck (Is that too lame to type? haha). I have balanced as many as four jobs simultaneously plus the emotional tear and toil of my social life. #NoRegrets. This summer, I stumbled across the best way to survive being a busy bee: having an effective backpack. So here are 5 Tips to Busy Day Backpacking. (& A Sneak peek into what's in my backpack!)

1. Find Your Backpack Soulmate

Your backpack will be with you through thick and thin. Good days, bad days, and both in sickness and in health. While perusing backpacks online or at stores, it may seem like a simple venture. A quick mission. But if you want it to be a match made in heaven, you will need to think it through.

Keep in mind..

  • What colors do you wear often? 
  • Which color/style will match your outfits most? 
  • Do you want 1-2 pockets or as many, as possible? 
  • Do you need protective padding for technology? 
  • Large/Medium/Small? Clunky or skinny mini?
  • Will it overall, help carry the weight of the world on your shoulders after a long day of classes and work?
Research backpacks online to suit your needs. There are plenty of backpacks in the sea. (You know what I mean haha)

A brief interlude about High Sierra...

Note that I am NOT usually a backpack person and my Swerve pack has completely turned me to the dark side. Highly recommend you begin research with High Sierra. Especially, if you want a backpack with endless pockets and does not bulge, but carries everything you need it to. Also, my new laptop is my precious baby. I never fear for it being hurt during my commute. The padding on this backpack is sleek, but it's very cush for my laptop/devices/precious objects.

They have several options for backpacks that are high quality, affordable, and effective. If you are busy and need a backpack to have your back throughout the day, I cannot give a higher recommendation than High Sierra. 

2. The Bare Necessities: Food/Water/Shelter: What I NEED to pack.
To survive as a human, you must have the bare minimum of food, water, and shelter. Your backpack is your busy day survival pack so you must bring items according to what you need and prioritize them. Refill your water daily. Pack emergency snacks and a lunch, if applicable. Even as a city-dweller in the grandiose city of Boston, I plan to always have the essentials if I am in a rush to pack up for the day.

For example,
  • If it's cold... pack gloves/hat/socks or items to keep you warm overall. 
  • If it's hot...pack sunscreen and extra fluids.
  • Always have an extra snack. The go-to bottom of the backpack granola bar will never go out of style.
  • Meal prep is always helpful and saves money, if you choose to go the extra mile and pack a lunch. Kudos to you if you do. That's A+ work there haha and I can't say that I always do.
  • Pack a tote bag, in case you ever need it. 

3. Bonus Points! How to Boost Your Backpack to the Next Level
Now, we've established having food and essentials are muy importante for surviving busy days, but you also need to go the extra mile. Pack, not just for the elements and nature and your human needs, but also for your environment. 

Keep in mind...
  • Where do you work?
  • What classes do you take?
  • Are you working out afterward?
Here are some of my main constants in my backpack...

My laptop is always snug as a bug in a rug. It's awesome knowing that I never have to fear breakage en route home or to work.

  • Laptop, iPhone, & Chargers
  • Pens/Markers/Notebook/Diary
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Luna bar or any type of protein/granola bar I can scrounge for in the morning
  • Extra hair barettes
  • And sometimes, I'll pack leggings/yoga pants/active wear to comfortably commute home from class

4. Calm, Cool, Commute

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In Boston, the MBTA fluctuates between feeling like a sardine can and being spacious and open like a field (depending on the day and time!). But during your travel to and from work, make sure that you pack something to make it enjoyable. I always listen to my "Morning Shift" Spotify Playlist and pick a strong song to wake up to that will boost my mood. Dancing to my alarm is better than dreading it and hiding under the covers. 

If you drive, pack snacks. Have a special pre-work snack/drink. Make it fun and ritual. With the right mindset, even an 8:00 AM job or class can be manageable and enjoyable.

5. Self-Care Makes Your Dreams Come True

The common belief among most people involves self-sacrifice. You need to work so hard that you feel exhausted all of the time, in order to succeed. This is both unhealthy and problematic. Because you CAN live your dreams and work toward goals without being a sacrificial lamb. You can balance healthy choices and caring for yourself, while working hard.

A few self-care tips for busy bees...

  • Sleep enough or integrate naps into your day
  • Take relaxing showers
  • Spend a period of your night dedicated to your needs. Back hurt? Do yoga. Craving sugar? Make some brownies. New Netflix uploads? Indulge in a mini binge.
  • Turn off any stressful notifications until the morning
  • Meditation (Don't knock it, till you try it!)
**This is a sponsored post in partnership with High Sierra and Her Campus Media. All words and opinions are my own**

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