Winter Skincare 101 - Feat. Clarisonic

Winter is coming! For most, that means hot cocoa, Christmas movies, and gingerbread. For others -like myself- it warns me to prepare for the dreaded dry skin season. Despite the chilling temperatures and the impending snow, you control your skin and can handle these battles with winter weather. Before you proclaim "Bah humbug," while checking your skin in the mirror, keep in mind there are ways to prevent your skin from suffering during the freezing winter months. Here are a couple of key, insider tips and skincare product suggestions that you can use to revitalize and revive your skin during the winter months.

Invest in Your Round-The-Clock Routine

Healthy skin habits are stronger than quick-fix, tricks. Pick products that work well with your skin type, whether oily, combination, dry, or another. Experiment with products and find what works specifically for you. Remember that skin is the largest organ in the body! Being on a college budget can be difficult, but skin always reigns as a strong investment. Would you prefer to spend less money to care for your skin consistently or more money to care for it when it gets to a really dry, flaky state? Consistent skin care SAVES money and causes LESS episodes or dry/flaky skin.

Test New Products Often
Maybe not the washing machine? :P
You don't need to be Bill Gates to have enough money to try different skin products. Two key ways to test skin products are through quality and price. Find high-quality, low-cost alternatives to your luxury brand items so that you will not burn a hole in your wallet. But also, discover which product quality that works well with your skin. For example, my skin is prone to being dry, yet also oily so I fluctuate products according to what season and what state my skin is in.

Tis the Season For *NEW* Winter Products

Despite the fact that Halloween was a couple of days ago, Christmas is already on the minds of several Americans. The fun part about skin care purchases is that you do not need to wait until Christmas to buy them. You can ALWAYS swap out new products, whether it be a new mask, moisturizer, cream, or cleanser. Try new products that you would not have considered before. I recently updated my Round-The-Clock Skincare Routine and I've struck gold and found AMAZING, affordable and effective skincare products that have transformed my Skincare Routine, for the better.

Spread the joy of Clarisonic unto your Skin!

The Clarisonic Mia 2 Set has been a Skincare GAMECHANGER for me. I have always had chronically dry skin and using a skin cleansing device always made me nervous for my skin. I did not want to use a product that would hurt my skin, rather than help it. But that was 100% not the case with the Mia 2 Set. My skin went from dry and damaged with scarring, to shiny clean. I was actually shining and it felt like all of the grime, dirt, sweat, etc was removed from each pore. See the before (left side) and after (right side) below:

The brush was soft and felt really smooth on my skin. You can FEEL it working and scrubbing away all of the impurities from your pores. The best part involves the automatic timer feature, in which the device will pause vibrations to indicate when to switch to a different section of your face. In fact, the Mia 2 removes 6x the amount of dirt and sebum than using just a cleanser alone.

Speaking of cleaners, the Mia 2 Set includes two products that completely revitalized my skin: The Deep Pore Daily Cleanser and the Deep Pore Detoxifying Clay Mask. I use the daily cleanser everyday and apply it directly to the wet, Deep Pore Brush Head. I usually utilize the normal setting rather than the one for gentler vibrations with the brush. Both are gentle on my sensitive skin, but I prefer the slightly more accelerated one. Occasionally, I use the clay mask after I cleanse my skin. I use it twice a week and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. I love that the product information tells you to use the Mia 2 to remove the mask. For my skin, it heightens the effects and makes the cleansing more effective and stronger.

Overall, if you are looking for a solid product to save your skin from the perils of winter weather, the Clarisonic Mia 2 is a great skincare investment, whether it be a gift for you or for your girlfriends. 

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