4 Rainy Day Reflections On Beating Depression

It's raining, it's pouring, and sometimes you just don't have an umbrella. You simply cannot be happy ALL of the time (majority, yes), but not 24/7 for everyday of the year. The worst sting of all is the painless sting of depression. The hardest part of it is feeling like you cannot help yourself. But here are some tips that I have been using to kick my depression to the curb and help myself progress toward happiness.

1. Take care of your mind over matter.

Everything is happening all at once and I'm caught in an endless loop. My energy is non-existant and I could sleep for days. My health is declining and I have more health issues than I can count on one hand. My motivation is scattered like an abstract painting, yet here I am, venting my honest emotions into the beautiful oblivion of the internet.

2. Trust your decision to stray from normalcy
For some reason, whenever it rains, I always want to cozy up in bed and write in my journal. Today I took this to a different extent. I kept falling asleep when I tried to do anything in bed so I decided to venture out into the real world. *gasp*

Now I'm sitting and eating potstickers and typing in my rain-soaked clothes. Wondering how I got to this point and why I'm here.

3. Not knowing your purpose is the first step to discovery.
What is my purpose? I've written so many posts about the matter and yet, I still don't know. I'm starting to think I might never know. Maybe not knowing isn't so bad after all. I have faith that I will figure it out, But right now I'm just unsure about it all.

4. It's never too late to apologize. It's never too late to start anew.

I feel like my mental health and all of the stress I've been put through has caused me to treat loved ones in a poor way. I'm really trying to do it all and fill all the shoes that my life requires me to. But it's becoming increasingly difficult for me to handle it. Just because I am struggling does not mean that I need to bring other people down or be a damper. I will hopefully see my mother today and be able to apologize to her for some past mistakes.

I'm not a perfect person, but I'm trying to be better and to be my best version of myself. And one shoe that I have left unfilled has been this blog. Stay tuned for more posts and hopefully, I can provide advice on how to be happier that will benefit the both of us!

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