Dear Stranger: What is MY Purpose?

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The tricky thing is that I cannot tell you. I honestly have no idea why I exist or what I am here for. I spend every day trying to figure out who I am and what my role is within this vast world. Sometimes, this makes me depressed. If there are so many people within the world, why me? Innocent people die everyday, but I am still here. I must have a purpose and I know I do.

But what?

A daughter? A sister?

A teacher? A business woman? An entrepreneur?

Single or Married?


I've recently come to notice that all of the things I used to list under my life's purpose related to the future, not to the present. If my purpose is only future-based, no wonder I'm struggling with self-definition in the present.

So what does this rambling mean for you? Do not define your life's purpose based upon future goals, wishes, and ideals. Every day is not guaranteed so doing so is misleading. Not to mention, it takes the present for granted. Truth is, we might not live past age 25. We do not know when we will die, but if there's one thing I've learned, it's that the fullness of life is not measured by the number of days; it's the quality that counts.

When defining who you want to be in the world, use the present tense. Who do you want to be today? What is the best version of yourself that the world would love to see? Life is too fleeting to wait until you reach a certain point to feel purposeful.

Always remember that you have a purpose for being here. Mistakes happen to us all, but nothing can take away from the uniqueness that you bring to this earth.


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