How To Deal With Losing A Friend


Nobody likes the feeling of losing a friend. When someone that you have grown close to drifts away to the point where you can feel a slight difference in the way you live out your days. To be blunt - it sucks. But keep in mind it is a part of life and you will get over it eventually. If a person truly cares about you, they will always come back to you. If they don't treat you like you want to be treated, maybe it's better that they're gone.

My best guy friend recently admitted to having liked me in the past and that his feelings were present again. I told him I was not interested and he basically cut me out of his life. I no longer got daily texts to check in about how my day was going. Even his texts to "support me" or be positive were inauthentic. I am still getting over it - to this day. So if you are in a position like this, here are the 3 best ways to deal with losing a friend.

1. Vent Out All Emotions

Losing a good friend is emotional. First you're angry, then you're sad, then you're neutral, but you never feel absolutely no emotions about it until you're over it. It is kind of like the grieving process, in that you have to feel every stage of it to move on with your life,


You could vent by talking to another friend or by journaling. Sometimes even laying in bed and thinking about it could be really cleansing and helpful. Remember to stay positive. This is not the end of the world.

2. Netflix Binge

Get your head out of that rut, Sometimes completely detaching yourself from the situation temporarily will help you to figure things out afterward. For some people, it is easier for them to deal with losing a friend by temporarily ignoring thoughts about it and moving forward with life.


Life goes on and Netflix can help you to take your mind off of that person and onto someone like Walter White or Blair Waldorf or whoever you like to watch on Netflix.

3. Nap/Yoga/Meditation/Etc.


Any activity that will help you to reach some kind of inner peace will do. For me, it's napping, but yoga, meditation, and other things might be better for you.

I truly believe that when a person experiences intense emotions that they should heal their mind/body connection in someone. Nightly, we do this automatically by sleeping. Yoga and meditation will help as well. As Adrien from "Yoga With Adrien" says, "Find what feels good."

Remember that anyone who wants to be your friend needs to be a good friend to you! Do not settle for anything less. Maybe your friendship will eventually be rekindled, but do not force anything. Stay strong, some people are just immature and cannot deal with their emotions like you can!


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