How To Deal With Rude Coworkers

Honestly, have you ever wanted to scream at a coworker? Maybe you have done this already. Maybe you're not a yelling kind of gal. Either way, we will sometimes face negative work environments and thus, encounter people that make us want to rip off our eyebrows. Here are ways to deal with rude coworkers and spare your eyebrows any pain:

1. Proceed With Caution


Rude people are either unpredictable or make it known that they don't like you. Before proceeding, make sure that the person isn't just having a bad day. Staying levelheaded and calm will allow you to have a clearer mind when you decide what to do about the situation.

2. Try NOT to Judge


Remember grade school? The bullies are often people who are troubled or misguided in life. It's the same for adults. Do your best not to make harsh judgment calls. This can be a really hard step for people, including myself, but try your best to not focus on the other person and instead, focus on his or her actions toward you.

3. Keep Calm and Stand Your Ground

If a person accuses you of doing something wrong or insults you for no reason, you need to stand up for yourself. If they are yelling, stay mellow and try to handle the situation like an adult. If they do not stop, walk away and be the bigger person. Say what you need to say to defend yourself, but remember that sometimes the best action to take is to bite your tongue and walk away. Do what works for you.

4. Tell Your Manager

Most companies strive to prevent coworker rivalry or bullying of any sort. Be sure to meet with someone to try and get the situation figured out. It's hard if the problem is the manager, which was the position that I was put in. When the problem is the manager, you can either quit the job if the issue continues, move forward without bringing it up, or acknowledge the issue like an adult. Again, this depends on your situation.

5. Do YOU


People judge us daily and think they know our backstory, but in actuality they know nothing. Create your own definition via your actions and words. There's nothing wrong with sticking to your best work regardless of what other people say. Believe in yourself and the voice of the haters becomes dim.

6. Move on!

Don't dwell on it. I've noticed that it's harder for women to shake off the haters. I know that I personally had a hard time dealing with it at work. 

I'm a hardworking gal and my manager got mad at me for something petty and declared I had "No customer service skills." And so I sucked in the sadness, finished the day, and cried about it. But it's been awhile since and I'm over it. Words do not need to burn you forever, if you learn to shield yourself from the flames.

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