5 Tips To Survive Stressful Days

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Unfortunately, life is not always rainbows, clouds, and cotton candy. There will be days where you do not want to get in the morning and have no choice. Sometimes, you will be bombarded with a ton of tricky things to do with deadlines. It happens to everyone - even Oprah.

Not going to lie, Wednesday was the hardest work day I've ever had. I started working at a restaurant and I've never worked a really busy night - ever. Not to mention, this is also my first job. Here are 4 ways to survive stressful work days (and not die trying).

1. Breathe!
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It is so easy to lose track of what you're doing, but breathing calms your body down and feeds your brain fresh oxygen. If you are caught in a flurry of customers or a tense meeting, just breathe. It is simple, but sometimes focusing on breathing is key to helping you chillax, focus, and get sh*t done.

2. Stay in the moment
When I was taking orders at my job, it was chaotic. The phone kept ringing and people kept coming inside. The only way I survived was by taking things one step at a time and not moving faster than I could handle. If you have to rush, rush! But not to the point where you get completely lost, confused, and possibly fired.

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3. Take a break
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If you can take a break, do it! Take time to splash your face with water, fix your makeup, listen to a song you like, stretch, etc. Do something quick that will make you feel refreshed and ready to kick butt for the rest of the day. 

4. Bring an emergency snack
Not going to lie, sometimes I can tell before I go to work that it will be stressful. I always pack an emergency snack. If things get bad and I need motivation to push forward, I nom on a protein bar or a leftover brownie. Pack whatever you love to eat: healthy or unhealthy.

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