5 Healthy Habits to Help You Reach Fitness Goals

With a busy schedule, we can all find valid excuses to not work out and neglect our weight loss goals. Although, just making a simple change in the way you live your life has the power to boost your motivation to lose weight and even make it easier. Here are five healthy habits to kickstart your fitness journey:

1. Pre-plan
The day before you exercise, be sure to pick your exercise gear ahead of time and put it somewhere close to your bed. It's a sly reminder and gives you the nudge you need to get up when you just feel like snoozing.

2. Track your calories
Your diet has a HUGE impact on whether or not you lose weight. Use a fitness journal or tracking app (ex: MyFitnessPal) to track what you eat. Find patterns and you can make healthy substitutions for next week.

3. Don't forget about water!
Water is vital for healthy living and weight loss. Our bodies are made of water so it only makes sense to refill our tanks. Also, water fights bloating, the state in which your stomach appears larger and your cheeks are puffy after eating salty and sugary foods.

4. Make exercise enjoyable
My mom always talks about exercise like it is torture when in actuality, exercise is fun. Make an exercise playlist and blast the music. Wear cute exercise clothes that make you feel amazing about yourself. Most importantly, pick exercises you actually like!

5. When your mind says "No," just tell yourself "Go!"
There are days where we feel like crap whether it be during your period, a horrible breakup, or exams.  During these moments, we need exercise most. Exercise causes a rush of endorphins within your brain. Endorphins send a "happy" signal to your brain and boosts your mood

If you've fallen off the healthy living bandwagon, it is never too late to begin again. You are capable of achieving your weight loss goals! Even if it feels like mission impossible, you have to convince yourself otherwise.

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