5 Ways to End Creative Ruts! (And not go nuts)

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So creative ruts are probably one of the most frustrating situations to be in, especially if your life revolves around having a creative mindset.

For me, blogging is my current project and it is frustrating to think about how many times I cannot think of an idea that I just love. In case you haven't noticed, this is indeed one of those moments.

A creative rut occurs when you have utilized all of your brainpower to produce creative works to the point where attempting to be creative and brainstorm becomes a relentless struggle.

Here are 5 Ways to End Creative Ruts...

  1. Completely ignore your project's needs
  2. Fulfill your own needs
  3. Go outside and explore
  4. View art (whether it be at a museum or some kind of TV program)
  5. Just write or make art or what ever you do.
1. Completely ignore your project
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This might have caused you to shiver at the thought of neglecting a project. In a sense, our projects are our babies and we need to nurture them to feel like the day is complete. When in a creative rut, it is best to try to ignore the project. For me, the main cause of a creative rut is thinking too hard or too much about the project itself, leaving little to no room for inspiration. By ignoring your project, you open your mind to new ideas and inspiration that can likely be tied to your original project.

2. Fulfill your own wants and needs

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Projects are important, but not more important that ourselves. We need to make sure that our mental, emotional, social, and physiological health are alright. Sometimes we overwork ourselves. Sometimes we eat unhealthy food. We're only human. By prioritizing your own relaxation and care, you will refresh your mindset. Sometimes shifting focus from a project to yourself will really cause you to think in different ways that may aid you in producing ideas.

3. Go outside and explore

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Nature is free inspiration. No matter where you live, something outside will catch your eye and may get you thinking about various ideas. For example, a homeless man playing music on the street or even the flora and fauna. Life is full of inspiration and sometimes it just takes a simple walk outside to make your creative juices flow.

4. View art

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Similar to nature, art allows people to see into the feelings, emotions, and experiences of the artists. Sometimes it takes a change of viewpoint to be able to think further about our own ideas. Whether you are a blogger or a tattoo artist or even a teacher, viewing the creative work of others will cause you to think and ponder new things that could lead to your next creative breakthrough.

5. Just do it.

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Sometimes the best ideas come from absolutely no idea at all. Just a pen and paper and no thought in mind, Just idly writing something can cause you to discover a new topic to blog about. Just scribbling on a paper could cause you to create the next Starry Night or Mona Lisa. Sometimes creative ruts lead to the best ideas so just keep at it and you will eventually stumble upon creative inspiration.

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