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Over the weekend, I took my first spinning class (ever) at The Handle Bar, a local indoor cycling studio. So I was a wee bit nervous.

The Handle Bar was introduced to me by the ladies of Her Campus who chose Jess Bashelor, founder of The Handle Bar, to be its keynote speaker at its first ever Pre-Collegiate Conference. Jess, out of the kindness of her heart, gave all conference participants and their friends the opportunity to try a spinning sesh at The Handle Bar for free. 

Here's what happened...

I arrived at 10:15 AM with my exercise gear on and the motivation to work myself out to the point where I'll feel like death (in a good way). 

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So obviously I was excited to discover something new and I opened the door to the new Fenway location. The yellow walls and overall vibe is evident when you enter. The people at the desk seemed generally happy to help; upon entering, I could tell that these people genuinely loved their jobs. 

Jess Bashelor, the founder of THB. {Photo Cred:

After being handed my spinning shoes, I proceeded to the cubbie/locker zone wherein I changed my shoes, took off my jacket, and all that jazz."You guys can head into the room now" marked the beginning of a new and unique fitness experience.

The room is lit up by lights that could probably be found in local clubs. The music is blasting, almost like how we all listen to and dance to in our rooms. Artists ranged from Iggy Azalea to Beyonce to Christina Aguilera and more. It is basically a dance party on a spinning bike.

What the inside of THB looks like {Photo cred: Yelp)

While I enjoyed the exercise, I felt motion sickness because of the spinning motion and almost had to leave early. 

What truly made me motivated to push through it was my spinning instructor, Sarah C. She reassured us that we each have our own ride and can choose to ride differently than what she advised. At the same time, she pushed us to work harder than ever toward achieving our fitness goals and "fly out of our comfort zones." Because of her, the music, the vibe, and my strengthened motivation for fitness, I happily (and sweatily) finished the class.

So basically, I was Marlin and she was Dory. {Photo Cred: WiffleGif}

So no, I probably will not return to The Handle Bar because of the motion sickness, but I chose to write this review because of how much I think that YOU (yes, you) should definitely check them out when you are in the Boston area. 

It is a hidden gem that hopefully more fab and fit Bostonians will discover.

For prices and information, check out their gorgeous website and contact information:
Official Website
Official Blog
Yelp Reviews

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